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Vera Challina's Album: Top Futuristic Yachts

When you’re rich, the sky’s the limit. This basically means that the oceans are you fun zone, and you may enjoy them in your runn of the mill luxurious yacht. The ultimate means of transportation on sea, a futuristic yacht is basically the next level of showing off; furthermore, some of the vessels on this list are merely a concept at this time, so you could imagine that some rich folk already owns some of them – feel free to read “pre-order”. When it comes to traveling, as long as you’re circling the world like a great adventurer, sipping from a glass of the finest champagne, you might want to do it on a ultra-luxurious yacht, rather than an ordinary one. So, if you got the cash, we got the perfect suggestions; here are the top most dreamy yachts out there.